Best April Fool’s Day memes for 2020 – The Sun

IF ever there was a time where the world was in need of a laugh, it would be now as it battles with the outbreak of coronavirus.

As always, social media leads the charge with the hilarity on April Fool's Day.

April 1 is undoubtedly one of the best days in the year for pranksters all around the world.

It gives them an excuse to try out some of the most hilarious, and sometimes even cruel, jokes on friends and family.

Social media users have already dug up some of the best April Fool's memes – with some new ones making their debut.

Here are some of the memes set to brighten up your day.

Whatever you do, DO NOT accept Oreos on April 1

Ever the optimist

Only one way to prank your boss… DON'T

You might end up with a real broken heart

Pick your targets carefully

You may be made to pay for your jokes

Brutally honest

Don't become the joke

Life can be cruel

Cold April Fool's

Hedging your bets

It's a cold, cruel world

Defence mechanism

Don't do it

Do not be insensitive

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