Bill Clinton’s new book has a huge week of sales

“The President Is Missing,” by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, sold 152,000 copies in hardcover its first week on sale.

The tracking service NPD Bookscan said that qualified for the biggest first-week sale, year to date NPD Bookscan is estimated to track about 80 percent of the book retail market.

The Clinton/Patterson book, co-published by Alfred A. Knopf (part of Penguin Random House) and Little Brown (part of Hachette Books), seems to be succeeding despite some rocky performances on the talk show circuit by Clinton. In the #MeToo era, he is facing renewed questions about his affair 20 years ago with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Knopf and Little Brown said that across all platforms, including print, CDs, audiobooks and digital books, the title racked up sales of 260,000 copies its first week, but it did not break down print versus other platforms.

There are now 1.2 million copies of the novel in print, up from an earlier report of 1 million, so the publishers are clearly expecting strong sales through Father’s Day and the rest of the summer.

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