Billy Caldwell suffers first seizure in 19 months after cannabis oil confiscated

A boy whose medicinal cannabis oil was confiscated at Heathrow yesterday has suffered his first seizure in 19 months.

Billy Caldwell, 12, had missed four of the tiny doses prescribed to him in Toronto.

His mum Charlotte, 50, from Co Tyrone, travelled from Canada on Monday with Billy and openly declared the Tilray oil at the airport.

But custom’s officers confiscated the bottle, which contained enough dosages for six months.

Just 12 hours later Billy suffered his first epileptic seizure in 19 months.

The 100 seizures he suffered daily before he was prescribed medicinal cannabis had stopped and Billy had been living a normal life, able to attend school and even learning to swim.

Talks start again this morning in London as mum Charlotte fights to retrieve her son’s medical cannabis from the British government.

Two meetings held on Monday resulted in no movement for the family.

The sudden removal of his medication after 19 months of daily use could prove deadly to the youngster.

His mum says she will not sleep until he gets the oil back.

She said: "I slept with my arm and leg around Billy all his life until the last 18 months when his seizures dropped away thanks to his medication.

"But now we are back to square one. By the time I wake on Tuesday and start to fight for the oil to be returned, he will have missed four doses.

"This is medication and no medication should be stopped abruptly, especially in a child who suffers from epilepsy. That’s a death sentence by any other name.

"I’m exhausted and upset but I’m not beaten and will never be beaten while I have Billy. I will never give up on him and his wellbeing.

"He will sleep tonight and I pray he sleeps peacefully. I’ll watch him every minute. It’s all I can do to keep him alive until we get his oil back.

"What parent would do any less? Apparently that’s what is expected of me.. to let my son slip away. I didn’t do it 12 years ago, I didn’t do it two years ago and I’m not going to do it now."

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