Bizarre mugshots show convicts in a state of disarray at their arrests

The very unusual suspects! Bizarre mugshots show convicts in a state of disarray as they are hauled in front of police cameras in smeared makeup and quirky outfits

  • Collection of outrageous mugshots doing the rounds online to great amusement
  • Suspect likely have bigger things to worry about but will always remember it
  • Some photos give clues as to what transpired while others are just hilarious

Being hauled in front of a police photographer is never a good experience, and these suspects will have a hard time forgetting it.

Smeared mascara, horrific sunburn and fake tan, dodgy face paint, and terrible hair days have them looking decidedly worse for wear.

This collection of memorable mugshots doing the rounds online shows off some of the wackiest characters ever to have been dragged away in handcuffs.

Many of the photos give clues as to what transpired to bring the suspects in, while others are notable simply for their odd appearance.

Despite the strangeness of their attire or appearance, they all managed to stand up relatively straight and stare into the camera lens long enough to be snapped.

It’s not clear how this bald man came to be covered in white face paint but his expression does him no favors in avoiding looking like a villain from a fantasy movie

This woman appeared to be very upset by the experience of being arrested, or to have teared up at some point before officers caught up with her, as her mascara is smeared down her face in a pattern that could only be made by tears. She also appeared to have tattooed her eyes

This man appeared to have spent a bit too much time in the sun or suffered an epic fake tan disaster as he is noticeable brown across his face and neck except for where he was wearing glasses

This man may end up looking like the previous shot in a few days as his time in the sun has left him resembling a lobster whose stay in jail will be that much more uncomfortable

How this elderly suspect came to be wearing flowery women’s clothing is a mystery but his unimpressed facial expression is easier to understand

This man’s smeared clown-style face paint marks him as probably having enjoyed a themed night on the town a little too much

This man suffered a similar face paint disaster with the red paint smudging from his neck on to his white t-short as well as across his chin and lip where it was presumably supposed to be applied. There are also traces of white paint and disastrous black eye make up

This woman’s makeup is more intact but its distinctive pattern couple with her hairstyle makes her mugshot one for the highlight reel

Another likely victim of a themed pubcrawl or party gone wrong, this man is in full-face white makeup with lines drawn form his mouth , but at least hasn’t smudged yet

In what is arguably the worst face paint fail of the collection, this man managed to get a rainbow of colors smeared across his face – and his expression tells the likely tale of how it came to be immortalized

Unlike many of the other suspects, this woman is already wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and clearly has not had a chance to remove her makeup since she was booked in

It’s unclear whether this otherwise photogenic suspect was wearing blackface earlier in the day, or if he managed to get himself very dirty indeed before his arrest

This woman’s bottle-blonde hair contrasts strikingly with her elaborate black face, neck, and eye tattoos that would have made her easy for police officers to spot in a crowd

This woman’s horrendously bad hair day is the least of her problems but may be the way she is remembered after the unfortunate timing of her arrest

if he was going for a big-haired 1990s children’s cartoon costume he nailed it, but he was hopefully playing a villain to make his arrest more in character

Obvious guesses were made about how this woman came to be in police custody, given the distinctive skin lesions on her face, but she appeared unconcerned as she made a face for her photograph

How this suspect managed to run afoul of the law while wearing a bulky head brace is the subject of some debate, but he was clearly unable to remove it for his photo

The story of how this man came to be wearing a sports helmet for his booking remains a mystery, but it’s likely police left it on either to help witnesses ID him, or just for the hilarity

Sporting a matching helmet, this man is likely a co-conspirator of the previous man, but seems significantly more worse for wear as he can barely keep his eyes open

Why this suspect is wearing a hair net with the absence of a cook’s outfit or hospital scrubs may never be known but certainly earned him a place in weird mugshot history

Similarly, what appeared to be a surgical mask was likely left on to aid witnesses in identifying the suspect in the same attire he was wearing at the time of the alleged crime

Arrests can bring even the biggest tough guys back down to Earth as this muscular suspect appeared on the verge of tears as he posed for the camera

This man was clearly unimpressed at being booked and his glum expression coupled with his very large double chin drew much amusement on social media

This lady might want to get the very large bump on her right cheek checked out after seeing it in this uncomplimentary mugshot

The withering expression this older woman gave the camera shows her lack of amusement with the booking process

This suspect should probably think about getting a new hairdresser if she’s planning on appearing in any more police mugshots

This man’s face looked as unprepared for the photograph as his mess of colorfully-tied dreadlocks looked for being out in public

Similarly, this man’s beard appeared to be a haphazard creation using rubber bands that did him no favors on camera

Most suspects managed to maintain the preferred neutral expression but this man gave a full deer-in-the-headlights look when the flash went off

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