Black cab rapist John Worboys has launched big to get out of jail on human rights grounds

Ex cabbie Worboys, 61, is due to meet his legal team to discuss his up coming parole board panel and has hired a crack legal specialist.

He wants his new lawyer, whose name has not been publically released, to argue that by granting him his freedom earlier this year and reversing the decision his human rights were impacted.

His legal team is expected to have a meeting with him at top security HMP Wakefield this week. Fury erupted in January when the Parole Board ruled he should be freed after serving just nine years for a series of sex attacks.

He had been jailed in 2009 on 19 charges against 12 women The Sun and two victims led a campaign for a judicial review and three High Court judges ruled in March he should stay in prison.

A source said:''He's hopeful this hot shot lawyer will get him out. He has a meeting with her later this week and he wants to argue on a breach of his human rights. He has been doing a lot of research in prison and is confident of securing his release. He is going to say that by initially agreeing he should be released then having the decision overturned was a breach of his human rights.


IT is ludicrous that John Worboys believes he should be freed because the U-turn on his release violated his human rights.

Codswallop. What about the rights of the women he drugged and assaulted?

If his guff is accepted, it would shame our judicial system.

The parole board must be wise to it.

‘'He was entitled to his freedom they will say and then it was taken away. He has fulfilled all his requirement and even the Parole Board ruled he was not a danger to women. He has done his tariff and feels he deserves to be released.''

A source close to the victims when told of the plan raged:”His human rights ? What about all the women he attacked. We still feel he is a danger and should be kept behind bars for a long time.”

Cops suspect him of more than one hundred similar attacks where victims were drugged and then assaulted and are investigating several new claims after women came forward following the publicity.

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