BLM protesters clash with cops in violent scenes at Martin Luther King Jr. Day demo as 30 arrested

BLACK Lives Matter protesters clashed with cops in violent scenes at a Martin Luther King Jr Day demo leading to 30 arrests.

The confrontation took place outside City Hall Park in New York City on Monday night at roughly 8.30pm.

The protesters were marching from Barclays Center, over the Brooklyn Bridge and towards the park, the New York Post reported.

While on their way they were met by police, leading to a violent clash.

At least ten cops were injured, the outlet reported, including a captain who was hit on his helmet with a bottle.

One protester swung a stick at an officer before being arrested, according to the Post.

Videos from the incident show cops pushing protesters and ordering them to back up.

One member of the crowd is heard shouting "f**k you" at officers, while other people call yell "you f**king animals," according to one video on Twitter.

An NYPD spokesman told the Daily News that more than 30 arrests were made last night.

One witness told the News that police moved protesters to the side walk and then made arrests.

"They definitely charged multiple times," Egypt Staley, 22, told the outlet.

"Some people were just being grabbed off the sidewalk. Some people were not even facing them."

Helen Guzman, 30, said: "They were really violent. Cops were pushing, shoving folks, pummeling people, tackling them.

"They surrounded us. People were trying to leave. Some people were like, ‘How can I can I even leave?'." she said.

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