BLOG: Living In Colour is a safe space for POCs to discuss daily experiences and ethnic identities

Living In Colour returns on May 15.

The series, hosted by Global News anchor Farah Nasser, takes a look at what it’s like to be a person of colour (POC) and how our daily experiences differ because of the colour of our skin and our intersecting identities. For example, past episodes have included how racism affects mental health, the experiences of POCs on dating apps, the LGBTQ2 community and employment.

For the next several months, a new episode will be available every Wednesday on Global News’ YouTube channel.

The “n-word” (Part 1):

The first episode features Canadian rapper, producer and director Sean Leon alongside author and publicist Dalton Higgins. Both men speak with Farah about the “n-word,” why it’s a popular racial slur inside and outside of the black community, the crossover of the word into popular culture and the history behind it.

For the first time ever, Living In Colour will feature an episode in two parts so tune in next week to see the second half of this dynamic discussion.

Warning: this two-part episode contains explicit language. Discretion is advised.  

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Alley Wilson is an original content and multimedia producer. 

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