Bloke finds chilling ‘murder tunnel’ hidden in his basement behind ‘weird wall’

A homeowner discovered a so-called “murder tunnel” hidden in his basement, obscured by a boarded-up wall.

Chase Cresgy, from the city of Terre Haute in Indiana, the US, had just moved into the 87-year-old property when he discovered the passageway.

Rubbish was scattered across the floor and a rusty bucket was left on its side.

Chase says he discovered the tunnel after spotting a “weird” part of the wall while inspecting the boiler.

He said: "We were looking at the boiler and noticed a weird part of the wall boarded up.

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"We started poking around it and after some tugging got it open.

"The last thing either of us was expecting to find was a dark creepy tunnel.

"I was honestly pretty creeped out by it at first, but now think it is really cool part of the house.

"Nothing on the house listing mentioned a tunnel or showed pictures of the basement."

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The house was built for a wealthy doctor who served in WW1.

It may have been used for coal storage, but similar discoveries in the past have pointed to drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Last year, West Yorkshire Police officers arrived at a suspect’s house only to discover he’d escaped via a tunnel .

The man had also fitted a metal bar to his front door to slow cops down.

There was a neat little hole in the floorboards from which a tunnel led to a neighbour’s house.

Police tweeted: “Bolt hole that's one way to do it. Wanted male who refused to answer the door then dropped into his DIY escape route.

"1-0 to him but we will arrange a rematch soon.”

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