Bloke impales himself on ladder and goes to hospital with it stuck in his head

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A man trying to be handy around the house had to be rushed to hospital after a ladder became impaled in his head.

Erkan Kacar, 43, was planning to do some renovations on his home in the district of Ilkadim in the northern Turkish city of Samsun when the accident happened.

According to local news site Sabah, he stretched out to reach some tools which were stored on a high shelf along with the ladder, but as he grappled for his gear, the ladder fell onto his head.

A sharp iron protrusion from the three-step ladder lodged into Erkan's head and would not come loose, so an ambulance and emergency team were called to the scene.

The emergency team was unable to cut the iron nub away from the ladder, so Erkan had to be taken to the hospital with the ladder still attached to his head.

En route, however, the rough ride caused the iron protrusion to dislodge from his forehead, and Erkan was finally free from the ladder.

According to the local news site Istiklal, Erkan said: "It is amazing. We could not take it out of my head, but it came loose itself during the ride. I am okay now."

The ambulance continued its journey to the hospital so that Erkan could be checked on.

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Erkan was reportedly discharged after he was found to be in good health.

The doctors treating him were probably unfazed as there have been many cases of people coming into hospital with strange objects stuck to their body — or stuck inside them.

Last month a would-be Lothario rushed to a clinic in Bangkok, Thailand with a metal ring squeezed around his penis.

He'd placed it on his genitals in the hope it would encourage his member to grow bigger, but all he got was a painful date with some bolt-cutters.

Meanwhile last June a man turned up at a hospital in Guangdong, China complaining of abdominal pain.

An X-ray revealed the baffling source of his discomfort — a large freshwater fish up his bum.

When asked how the dead tilapia happened to be inside his rectum, the man claimed he had accidentally sat on it, which was met with some scepticism from medics.

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