Blood red sky blankets city near Shanghai sparking Armageddon fear

An eerie scene of a blood-red sky over a Chinese city has sparked fear among citizens.

Footage taken by residents in Zhoushan, neighbouring China's Covid-hit port city of Shanghai, shows the night sky turn into orange-red hues among a thick layer of fog.

Some children can be heard telling their parents: "I'm scared."

The "red sky" phenomenon can be seen across the entire city for hours since Saturday night (May 7).

Since the videos made viral on Douyin, a TikTok-like social media platform in China, people were feared that it could be a bad omen related to the region's ongoing battle of coronavirus.

"It is a blood-red colour, that doesn't look good at al," one mentioned and a second wrote: "There's gonna be an earthquake in seven days, it's not normal to see the sky turning all red."

"Doomsday is coming," a third added.

Others tried to brush off the negative thoughts and said the red colour represents their country, suggesting "vitality", "good luck" and "prosperity".

Zhoushan's meteorological bureau has since responded to the speculations and clarified that it was not anything supernatural.

"Yesterday was quite foggy and clouds were forming at a low altitude," a spokesperson said. "This is a phenomenon caused by light refraction."

According to state-owned media CCTV, a local fishing company confirmed that the light refraction came from one of their fishing boats.

The deputy manager of the company said: "The red lights came from our fishing boats. We have them turned on when we are catching saury.

"The red light refracted out of water and projected to the sky, causing a mirage-like phenomenon.

"It is very common especially around coastal areas."

Zhoushan meteorological bureau issued a "low visibility" yellow warning from Saturday night until Sunday morning, when the red sky returned to normal.

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