Bold leopard on Botswana safari plays with tourist’s foot and even draws blood

A fearless tourist somehow managed to stay still as a bold young leopard came over to sniff him and even made a grab at his leg.

The animal was resting after eating an impala he had just hunted and killed, and was sat about 15 foot away from the tourist’s jeep.

Spotting the holidaymakers and their guide watching him, the leopard decides to walk over and see what was going on.

The tourist captured the whole thing on video.

Speaking after the incident he said: "Our tracker said ‘don’t move, be still’. So I didn’t."

"I continued to video the leopards activity the whole time.

"He did scratch me, but just with one Hafez claws, as if he were testing the skin.

"Amazingly, I wasn’t frightened at all. He just seemed like a big pussy cat."

The big cat started sniffing the man’s shoe and took a swipe at his leg, scratching him and drawing blood.

It was at this point the guide decided that they were close enough and started the vehicles engine to scare the animal away.

The footage was captured in Okavango Delta in northern Botswana in April.

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