Booted lawmaker wants rival axed for ‘irresponsible’ sex crimes remark

A lawmaker who was booted off the City Council’s Immigration Committee last month for tweeting, “Palestine does not exist” is now demanding a rival politician receive the same treatment for opposing the addition of certain sex offenses to a list of crimes warranting deportation.

Councilman Kalman Yeger wants Councilman Carlos Menchaca, a fellow Brooklyn Democrat, removed from the Public Safety Committee for condemning the city’s recent decision to expand cooperation with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The city is adding seven crimes — all sex-trafficking and underage-prostitution offenses — to a list of 170 that warrant deportation of convicted felons.

Menchaca on May 10 said that “the proclaimed public-safety benefits” of expanding the list “do not outweigh its harm — namely, the erosion of trust between our immigrant communities and government.”

Yeger told The Post that Menchaca’s comments are “irresponsible and dangerous.”

“If somebody takes the position that it’s more important to protect the perpetrators of heinous sex-trafficking crimes on minors verses protecting their victims, I don’t see how that person could serve on the Public Safety Committee with the full confidence of New Yorkers,” he said.

In April, Yeger, who represents Midwood and other neighborhoods with large Jewish populations, was kicked off the Immigration Committee after refusing to apologize for publicly denying the existence of Palestine.

Leading the charge against Yeger were Menchaca, who chairs the Immigration Committee, and Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who called the comments “divisive” and ‘‘dehumanizing.”

Yeger’s ouster set off a heated debate among council members over whether the body has shifted so far left that it’s become too trigger-happy about penalizing members at the expense of freedom of speech.

Queens Councilman Robert Holden and two other members who requested anonymity told The Post they believe keeping Menchaca on a committee overseeing cops and other public-safety issues sends a bad message — and is unfair considering Yeger’s punishment.

“Objecting to complying with federal law enforcement on horrific crimes like underage prostitution, soliciting prostitution in a school zone and others runs contrary to the duty of city government in ensuring public safety for its citizens.” said Holden, a Democrat.

Menchaca and Johnson’s office did not return messages.

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