Booze-loving Charlotte Crosby promoting insane Magaluf party package that includes 20 hours of unlimited boozing for £99

PARTY animals Charlotte Crosby has been signed up to plug a Magaluf party package – that includes a liver-busting 20 hours of unlimited boozing for £99.

Tourism chiefs have been trying to clamp down on cheap alcohol, booze cruises and bar crawls in a bid to attract what they see as a better class of tourist.

But the Geordie Shore favourite – who has struggled with her own booze demons in the past including a drink drive rap and admitting to downing Bailey’s by the pint – is banging the drum for the cheap wristbands run by Magaluf Events.

She launched the summer package this week by revealing: “I am buzzing for Magaluf this summer.

“Warm summer nights, hot girls, hot boys and of course loads of drinking. I want you to remember to grab the £99 Magaluf Ultimate Package.

“There is going to be over 40,000 of you crazy people jumping on board.”

We must reduce the tourism of excesses and drunkenness

The firm says the wristbands will cost more than £200 if bought in the resort.

And the package includes a booze cruise with 2.5 hours of unlimited drinking, a nightclub visit with eight hours of alcohol in the price and a paint party with six hours to get sozzled.

Other events include a pool party, bar crawl with unlimited shots and a full-moon bash on the island.

Politicians in the Brit party capital have introduced a raft of strict laws and hefty fines to limit the monster drinking sessions.


The rules that a maximum of 20 guests in pub crawls and they must only take place between 8 pm and midnight and bars and guides must have licences and accreditation.

Town hall chiefs in the resort have also banned happy hours and cheap drink promotions.

Bylaws expressly prohibit publicity that incites drinking or activities which could violate public order.

Deputy mayor of security, Andreu Serra said the campaign to rid Magaluf of its seedy image centred around the slogan “It’s also your responsibility” and is stressing the need for “everyone to work together”.

He added: “We must reduce the tourism of excesses and drunkenness.”



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The new rules also ask all-inclusive hotels not to allow guests to go out with food or drink from the establishments unless it is for an excursion.

The banned advertising of happy hours or offers extends to all formats, including social networks and aerial messages.

There is also a new list of 16 sanctions where fines can be hand out for “uncivic behaviour”.

This includes nudism or semi-nudism in unauthorised places and boozing in the street.


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