Boy, 10, not allowed to board bus home from school because he was 10p short

A 10-year-old boy had to walk 45 minutes home after school on his own after he was not allowed to board a bus because he was 10p short, his furious mum claimed.

The boy’s mother, Amanda Johnson, has spoken of her worry and upset after her son was not allowed onto a bus in Nottingham and instead made to walk.

Miss Johnson was waiting for her son, Jovanni Bojang, at the usual bus stop but when he didn’t get off the bus she began to worry, reports Nottinghamshire Live .

The support worker said she thought it was "disgusting" he wasn’t allowed on the Nottingham City Transport number 17 bus.

She said: "At 4.15pm, he went straight to the bus stop from his after school club which is over the road. I didn’t know the price had gone up by 10p as he doesn’t usually get the bus, it was only because I was busy.

"He got to the bus handed over his £1 and the driver said you need 10 pence, when he said he didn’t have the money he was told to get off. The driver wouldn’t even give his £1 back when my son asked for it.

"If he gets the bus I always meet him a few stops down on Mansfield Road when he gets off. But he never got off the bus and I was waiting for him until 5pm when he walked down the road.

"I was so upset when he walked down towards me, he said he had never felt so embarrassed and he was made to feel really small.

"I can’t believe he was made to walk, all for the sake of 10 pence, if it was the bus drivers child I am sure he would not have made him walk or left him at the stop. It is disgusting."

Miss Johnson added: "I will be picking him up from now on. It is hard for me, as a single parent, to be in two places at once which is why he had to get the bus every now and again, but this has just made the situation worse.

"He was made to feel embarrassed and naughty by the driver and my son is not a rude boy.

"He is very grown up for his age and when he was told he couldn’t get on the bus he didn’t kick up a fuss he just stepped off and walked home on his own.

"He is so young, anything could have happened to him it doesn’t bear thinking about."

A Nottingham City Transport spokesman said: “We are aware of the incident, but have no further comment.”

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