Brave US soldier savaged by shrapnel in Ukraine vows to return to the frontline

A brave soldier has vowed to return to the frontline of Ukraine after suffering horrific injuries in an explosion while fighting against Russian forces.

Manus McCaffery, 20, is recovering in hospital after a close encounter with an artillery shell that has peppered his face and torso with shrapnel after it landed just five feet away from him.

The US soldier is currently in the hospital and has vowed to return to the frontlines of Ukraine as soon as he can, with commenters on Reddit hailing the soldier as a hero.

McCaffery described the warzone and experience he had with the shrapnel, saying he was conscious for the whole attack.

Speaking from hospital, McCaffery said: "An artillery shell exploded five feet from me and peppered my face and torso with shrapnel. But I stayed conscious the whole time and am recovering now.

"It's hard to describe, I think you have to be there but there is a lot of artillery. You can hear it coming down and you can hear it impacting around you.

"Artillery is the name of the game right now, it's the main deciding factor in how the war is playing out. I'm just trying to do what I think I can do."

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A teary-eyed McCaffery continued: "As long as I get my vision back, I will be back, so."

When asked by the reporter if McCaffery wanted to head back to the frontlines of the Ukrainian conflict, McCaffery repeatedly said: "Yeah. Yeah. I do."

The US Army veteran was praised by those on forum site Reddit, with one user writing: "There is nothing more noble nor respectful than a warrior fighting for freedom prepared to lay down their life."

Another user called McCaffery a "legend" and a third said that the US Army veteran was "a goddamn hero" and wished him all the best.

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