Brexit deal: Brits back Boris' deal as TWICE as many now want to leave EU with agreement compared to just four weeks ago

BRITS are backing Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with TWICE as many now wanting to Leave the EU with an agreement compared to just four weeks ago.

Voters are determined we don’t crash out of the bloc with No Deal as the PM faces a parliamentary war to get his deal through the Commons.


Fifty eight per cent of Brits would prefer we divorce the EU with a deal – with just 33 per cent preferring that outcome a month ago, according to a Survation poll.

The figures come as Mr Johnson faces another chaotic week in Westminster as Labour has vowed to try to wreck his deal by insisting on adding a Second Referendum to it.

That could include amendments for a second vote, or ones for a customs union with the EU after Brexit.

Such a move would cause a huge headache for the Government, as MPs could be persuaded to back a softer version of Brexit.


Speaker John Bercow could also block an attempt to hold a Meaningful Vote today — just as he did to Theresa May’s deal.

A No10 source said: “We cannot allow Parliament’s letter to lead to Parliament’s delay — we must leave on October 31 and finally get Brexit done.”

In the first battle of what is set to be a week of bitter fighting, the PM is demanding a Meaningful Vote on his deal today and will publish his Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB).

But Bercow could thwart his bid to have a meaningful vote by ruling against him.

And in what is being billed as “Titanic Tuesday”, the WAB will have its first vote tomorrow.

The Commons will be told to sit late into the night while the Lords could convene at the weekend as No10 scrambles to try to pass the legislation at breakneck speed. One Government aide said the coming days will be “hell on earth” in Parliament.

Cabinet ministers yesterday revealed they believe they have won round enough Labour rebels to pass BoJo’s deal.

Michael Gove said he could “guarantee” Britain will leave the Brussels bloc on October 31.

He said: “That’s our determined policy. We know that the EU want us to leave, we know that we have a deal that allows us to leave.”

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