Brexit news latest – UK car industry suffers WORST September for 25 years as crunch trade deal talks shift to Brussels

THE UK car industry suffered its worst September in 25 years and EU and US exports plummeted, new data revealed today.

Just 114,732 vehicles were produced over the course of the month – down 5% on September 2019, and 35.9% from January to September, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders revealed.

The number of cars sent to the EU was down 3.3% and the number sent to the US was down 30% compared with September 2019- with the overwhelming majority of vehicles produced in the UK exported.

The news comes as the UK's chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost headed to Brussels today, to continue crunch talks on a post Brexit trade deal.

While all sides seem intent on getting a deal, France continues to "play bad cop", yesterday insisting there was "no reason for us to give in to British pressure" in the key stumbling block of EU fishing rights in UK waters.

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    JUST DAYS before Boris Johnson became prime minister, he hid in a bedroom because he did not want to have Brexit talks with Sir Iain Duncan Smith, according to a new book.

    The book claims the PM and his aides pretrended not to be home as Sir Iain banged on the door oblivious that they were hidden upstairs.

    The book, The Secret Life of Special Advisers by Peter Cardwell states: “IDS attempted to ring him several times to suggest they have a strategy discussion at the campaign’s headquarters at the home of Andrew Griffith, a Sky executive who later worked in Downing Street and became an MP in December 2019.

    “With IDS en route, Boris quickly ordered his entire team to race up the stairs to the first floor of the house and, well, hide from their alleged campaign chairman as he rapped on the door of the building, demanding to be let in.”

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    CHIEF exutive of SSMT Mike Hawes said: “With the end of transition now just 63 days away, the fact that both sides are back around the table is a relief but we need negotiators to agree a deal urgently, one that prioritises automotive, enhances innovation and supports the industry in addressing the global threat of climate change.

    “With production already strained, the additional blow of 'no deal' would be devastating for the sector, its workers and their families.”

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    THE UK car industry recorded its worst September in 25 years after a huge fall in exports to Europe and the US.

    According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 114,732 vehicles were produced in September, which marks a drop of 5% compared to last year.

    For the year as a whole, car production is down 35.9%.

    The number of cars exported to the EU was down 3.3%.

    SSMT chief executive has called on the government to come to a deal with the EU to ensure exports to European countries remain tariff-free.

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    Fishermen have warned businesses could be sunk due to the growing coronavirus economic shutdown and uncertainty over whether Christmas celebrations will go ahead.

    Declining sales of fish and high-end shellfish, such as lobster and crab, are being blamed on restaurants closing at a “terrifying rate” because of the increased social restrictions being placed on large swathes of the country in a bid to stem the rise of Covid-19 infections.

    With questions around whether families will be allowed to mix at Christmas and consumers tightening their belts following a tough year, orders and prices during what is usually a buoyant festive season are “massively” down, according to members of the catching sector.

    Representatives of the fishing industry – which has been promised an uplift in fortunes after Brexit is realised next year – are warning that if sales do not pick up and there is no Government support, then skippers could face having to tie up their boats for good this winter.

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    Spain’s huge fruit and veg industry could be blighted if Madrid forces a No Deal with nonsense claims on Gibraltar.

    Its farmers fear losing trade with Britain to their Moroccan rivals if there is no Brexit agreement.

    The country’s growers, who rely heavily on exports to the UK, have been warned of £180million-a-year in customs duties under World Trade Organization terms.

    But nations which Britain has signed trade deals with, including Morocco, are set to enjoy much freer access to our market.

    Spanish farmers brought up fears they will be undercut by cheaper rivals at the annual meeting of its fruit and veg industry federation Fepex.

    And it will heap pressure on PM Pedro Sanchez to push fellow European leaders towards a compromise.

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    Michael Gove will meet with retailers today amid reports that post-Brexit freight software is unlikely to be ready by January 1.

    Any delay could impact products getting on shop shelves and prices may rise as a consequence.

    The Association of Freight Software Suppliers (AFSS) said its members could not guarantee delivery because officials had failed to give it details and direction for the project.

    The software is designed to help companies submit their paperwork digitally and to minimise the time that vehicles would be stationary at the border while checks on goods are made.

    The government said the work was still “on track” for January 1.

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