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As we're plunged into yet another day of Brexit madness, the Lib-Dems and SNP have hatched a cross-party plan to impose an election three days earlier than the PM's date – but will they get the idea through?

Lib Dem and SNP hatch 'stunt'

The two smaller anti-Brexit parties joined forces to propose a much earlier December 9 election.

The move is significantly easier than Johnson's deal – which needed two thirds – as they'll only need a majority vote to get it through.

however, considering their small number of seats it will require cross-party support.

They said its the latest date they would support an election before next year.

The earlier date would mean breaking up Parliament by the end of next week – giving the Government no time to pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) to deliver Johnson's Brexit.

The PM is currently on course to lose Monday's motion calling for a December 12 election if he still insists on passing the WAB first.

However, Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan called it a "stunt" and Conservative Party chair James Cleverly said it was a "gimmick".

Downing street could sideline labour

Despite earlier frosty comments from Tory MPs, Boris could be warming up to the remainer plot.

In a significant turn-around No10 has now said it will consider a different plan put forward by the SNP and Lib Dems to hold the election on December 9.

A Downing Street source said: "We can’t allow parliament to waste 2020 the way it has wasted 2019 – the country wants Brexit done so we can move on and focus the public’s priorities.

"If Labour oppose being held to account by the people yet again, then we will look at all options to get Brexit done including ideas similar to that proposed by other opposition parties.”

Boris has vowed to "look at all options" to get Brexit done.

Blair branded 'ludicrous'

Ex- PM Tony Blair has been branded "ludicrous" after he said a second referendum must include the questions of Remain, No Deal and Boris Johnson's deal.

He told BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour: “You can deal with them both on the same day if you want. But you should deal with them separately.”

Tory Eurosceptic Mark Francois take on the move was that it was ridiculous, saying: "The latest offering from that great seeker after truth himself Tony Blair to combine a second referendum and a general election on the same day is patently ludicrous."

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