Bride left with horror burns and cancels wedding after chip pan fire disaster

A bride-to-be was engulfed in flames that "melted" her face while cooking up some chips, leaving her no choice but to cancel her wedding.

Brenley Davis had been preparing dinner for her and soon-to-be husband Justin Davis back on August 31, 2020, but disaster struck when a pan of oil overheated.

The pair reported a horrifying explosion that followed, leaving the room with a "30-inch flame" bursting from the pot and fuelling an oil fire in their kitchen, The Mirror reported.

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Air from the window Justin opened appeared to cause a reaction which sent the burning oil into an explosive flame from the pan, which Brenley, fuelled by adrenalin, grabbed to get rid of.

Her bravery in removing the burning oil left her with horror burns of a second and third degree variety on her face, arms, ribs, chest, legs and feet.

Brenley has since endured months of recovery and surgery, with the former Marine Corps reserve pushing through to have the wedding of her dreams.

She said of her horror experience: "I felt like my whole face had melted off. I was so scared. I thought I'd turned the oil off but it had been on the stove for an hour on medium to high heat.

"The next thing I knew it started smoking. I removed the lid, turned it off and pushed the pot off the burner. We opened the windows and back door and I guess the air that came in from opening the windows fuelled it.

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"It automatically caught on fire and the flames were so high that it was burning the cabinets. I grabbed the pot and ran with it. I still don’t know what possessed me to grab a pot with 30-inch flames coming from it.

"The flames were so high that it was burning my face, arms, ribs and chest. Once I got outside and threw the pot, the fire [blew] back on my leg."

Shock from the incident had, Brenley said, numbed much of the pain she would soon be experiencing, with serious swelling and blisters forming.

Her concerned mum couldn't even kiss her injured daughter as even "gently rubbing" her would have "peeled off" Brenley's burnt skin.

Three months of physiotherapy to work on her arms moving and stretching her skin followed, but Brenley managed to mark the wedding of her dreams just a short while later in a "beautiful" ceremony.

She added: "I was a little bit self conscious and part of me was going to ask the photographer to blur out my red skin grafts but then my mama told me 'you're beautiful no matter what'. I accepted it and told myself not to be self-conscious."

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