Brit, 22, ‘begging for food’ in quarantine hotel and would ‘rather be in prison’

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A British student nurse said she would "rather be in prison" than the Spanish quarantine hotel where she has been placed.

Sophie Burdge, 22, had been on holiday on the island of Majorca but tested positive for Covid-19 before flying hime.

She slammed the lack of communication and service that left her "begging" for food and water, the BBC reports.

Sophie, from Barry, Wales said staff at the Hotel Palma Bellver never checked on her condition despite her positive test. The hotel said water was available and meals were supplied by hospital catering.

Following the result of her positive test last Tuesday evening, August 3, she said she was not picked up and taken to the hotel until 24 hours after the initial appointment.

Sophie claimed she was "crying my eyes out" because she was so hungry.

She said: "They then said, because I'd gotten there so late, I couldn't have any food, so I was really hungry.

"I ordered McDonald's and they didn't give it to me, they took it off me. Then I tried ordering again from a different company, and they didn't give me that either.

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"I was crying my eyes out because I was so hungry, I was starving.

"On my first night, I got there, and I had no water. I was thinking: 'I know I'm hungry, but water is more important.'

"I was ringing and ringing and ringing asking and begging for water, I think I was crying at one point for water."

"There's no laundry service, I've run out of knickers, so I've been washing them in the sink – it sounds bad but I have no choice."

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Sophie claimed that other guests had started passing supplies to each other using bed sheets tied up to make ropes.

Spain is currently on the UK's amber list, meaning double vaccinated travellers no longer have to quarantine once they return.

But they must take a private Covid test before the flight home. If the test is positive, holidaymakers must isolate for 10 days before returning to the UK.

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Sometimes this means being placed in a quarantine hotel.

Sophie said she had planned the holiday following a tough few months, and her quarantine hotel tell only made things worse.

She added: "I lost my partner a few months ago, so I've come on holiday with my friend and her little girl just to get away really, just to have a break and clear my head."

In a statement, the Hotel Palma Bellvar said: "The operation is sanitary (more similar to that of a hospital than to that of a hotel), and therefore the meals (four a day) are served by the hospital catering, supervised by hospital dieticians.

"The guests/patients are allowed to order meals outside (as well as other basic supplies) but not processed food, as per the doctor's prescription.

"The staff of our company only manages the inventory of rooms, we respond to the client-patient, and we serve as a 'connecting link' between the various agents involved."

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