Brit footballer jailed in Dubai ‘tortured’ to ‘force confession’ claims pal

A British semi-pro footballer and coach who’s been jailed for 25 years in Dubai over CBD oil has been "tortured" in prison, he’s told a friend.

Billy Hood, 24, was arrested on January 31 outside his home when he went to pick up a phone charger from his car.

Speaking to his mate, Alfie Cain, 24, after his arrest, he described facing horrendous conditions in the notorious Al-Barsha jail.

According to The Sun, Hood told Cain that he was beaten daily for five days, as officers tried to force him to confess to drug crimes.

"They beat him for an entire five days, he told me police officers tasered him, slapped him in the face and all they fed him was bread and a little bit of water," he said.

"He was basically tortured and put in a cell with 30 other people for five days."

Hood told Cain, that he only signed the drug trafficking confession because officers told him if he signed the document, they would stop the abuse, despite not offering him a British version of the document.

Hood’s heartbroken mum Breda, 55, told The Sun: "I don’t think there’s a word in the dictionary that describes the pain I’m going through.

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"I can't talk about it without tears forming in my eyes. It's too hard to take in. This is not our Billy, he is 100% innocent.

"There has been no help from the embassy. We have been in touch with them non-stop. I've contacted them every day. The most I've got from them is that 'he's ok'."

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to help the 24-year-old with his legal fees, looking to appeal the conviction. It has raised more than £15,000 since it was set up in February.

In a statement to lawyers, Hood said: "One officer jumped out and pointed a taser at me, threatening to use it if I didn't cooperate.

"They demanded I show them where the drugs are. I was shocked, scared and confused. I told them I wasn't aware or in possession of any drugs or substances."

Officers demanded to search his company car, where they found four small bottles of vape oil and a vape pen in the passenger area.

The Brit explained that he was unaware of its presence and that his friend must have left it there on the way to the airport when he came to visit from England a few weeks prior.

He was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) where he underwent a urine test, which came back negative, but has been detained ever since.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office told the Daily Star: "We are giving consular support to a British man who has been imprisoned in the UAE."

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