Brit mum of three stranded in India after her family claim a reaction to mosquito bite caused her body to SHUT DOWN

Balvinder Singh, 35, went to her cousin's wedding in India but her family say it "turned into a disaster" after she was hospitalised with organ failure and multiple seizures just two days before she was due to fly back.

The young mum also suffered a heart attack and has been in a coma in a private hospital since November 7 and may have irreversible brain damage.

Her devastated husband Satwinder, who is by his wife's side, said: "I can't sleep or eat, I just can't bear it."

Medics have told the family it is likely she contracted her illness from a mosquito bite although they have not fully explained what she suffered from.

Her heartbroken family have launched a fundraising page to help pay for her treatment while she is in a coma – with the aim of getting her on a flight back to London with medical assistance.

Balvinder’s children, Jasmeet Kaur, 10, Harpeet, 12, and Amanjeet, 13, are staying at home in Dulwich, south London, with family.

Through tears, Satwinder said: "My kids are devastated and keep asking when their mum is coming back.
"But I can't tell them truthfully what is going on. I am totally powerless. Please help us.

"My kids are so worried about her. We are under so much stress. We need some support."

Balvinder flew to Delhi on October 10 and then on to Chandigarh for the wedding but forgot to take out travel insurance.

In official guidelines, the Foreign Office warns travellers to India to be aware of deadly diseases spread by mosquitos.

Her cousin, Sian Singh, set up the JustGiving page on Monday in the hope of raising £5,000 and so far family have raised around £1,800.

On the fundraising page, she wrote: “Balvinder travelled to Delhi and then to Chandigarh where she had mosquito bites and vomiting and diarrhoea.

"This led to her vital organs, such as her kidney and liver, to overcompensate which led to partial organ failure.

“Also she suffered with multiple seizures due to becoming hypoxic and has also suffered a heart attack.

"The hypoxia – which is lack of oxygen reaching the brain – could have now possibly left her with brain damage.”

Sian explains that funds for the £800 a day needed for her cousin's treatment are running out and the embassy is unable to help.

Currently they looking to raise enough money so that the treatment can carry on out in India.

With the £50,000 cost of an air ambulance out of their reach, the plan is to stabilise her enough to get her on to a commercial flight home with the medical assistance required.

"Once she is stabilised and taken off the ventilator we can bring her back home to her kids and she can receive treatment here with all her family around her," said Sian.

Her cousin Queenie Singh, who is looking after the three children in London, said: "She always gets travel insurance but she didn't this time because it wasn't planned.

"She went last minute to surprise our cousin. A family wedding has turned into a real disaster.

"We just want to get her well enough to get back."

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: “We are assisting a British woman and her family following her hospitalisation in India, and are in contact with staff at the hospital she has been admitted to.”

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