Brit mum who bought £8k twins on web 'wishes them well' but reveals it led to marriage breakdown

But all she has to show from the scandal is a broken marriage – and a small collection of toys collecting dust in her home.

Judith and her husband Alan bought the two twin girls, Kiara and Keyara Wecker, from the US in 2001.

The twins were first sold for £4,000 to another couple – Californians Richard and Vickie Allen – before being snatched back by their birth mother and flogged to Judith and Alan for double the price.

What ensued was a war over who would keep the girls – renamed Belinda and Kimberley by Judith and Alan – before they were finally fostered by a new family in Missouri.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online from her home in Wrexham, North Wales, Judith revealed how the scandal strained her marriage to breaking point – and claimed she was banned from even sending the girls birthday cards.

She said: "I wasn’t allowed to send the girls birthday cards or letters. I didn’t know where they went, they just took them and didn’t even tell me they were taking them.

"The FBI came over to Mold… They actually came in and ‘snatched’ the babies and legged it. Then social services came in and asked for clothes and dummies.

"It didn’t follow the letter of the law. It was very biased, there could have been masonic influence.

"I didn’t have any choice when it came to losing contact. The choice was taken from me on unfair grounds really.

"It doesn’t help when you’ve got the PM criticising you in parliament. Mr Blair, thank you for that.

"I wanted to take someone off the streets and give them the chance my children had. I thought it would be nice.

“It annoys me when I see people on their mobile phones and I’m on a bus and they totally ignore the child crying and they are too busy on Facebook or something.

"I find that really bad and I see a lot of that these days and they just give them a sweet, they just don’t take no notice.

"They’ve called me baby snatcher, rat snatcher and child snatcher over the years."

"But I’ve got good friends and they will stand by me I know that."

Judith now lives in a small terraced house outside Wrexham with new husband Stephen Sillett – but blames the battle with social services for wrecking her first marriage.

She said: "I’ve never broken contact with Alan. We’ve always remained friends, always have been. What happened with the twins didn’t help our marriage.

“We had the toys, we had the clothes and we had the buggy. We kept them because there was no point in parting with them."

"From my side of the story, I don’t forgive the social services. I think they spent a lot of money on something they didn’t need a lot of money spending on it. The way they did it was all wrong.

“What’s done is done isn’t it really, it can’t be undone. So at least the twins are okay and good luck to them.”

Even though Judith hasn't seen the twins in more than 20 years, she has still tried to follow their progress over the internet – and hopes they get in touch one day.

She said: "If I could speak to the girls now I’d say well done to them. They’ve grown up well, well-rounded and adjusted according to what you can see in the paper.

"I don’t know where they actually are. I don’t mind getting in touch with them if they want to get in touch with me."

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