Brit reality TV star found dead at foot of Colombian waterfall was last seen 'looking for a shaman’

Joe Tilley, 24, was travelling in South America when he fell from the top of the Fin del Mundo waterfall – known as The End of The World.

He was last seen alive heading towards it in May after telling pals he was looking for a shaman.

The inquest – held in Leicester Town Hall – heard how he had spent his holiday experimenting with drugs and taking part in mystic tribal ceremonies involving poisonous toads.

Local cops said the effects of these ceremonies can be "similar to drug-induced psychosis from cannabis use".

One of the last people to see him alive said he "appeared to be flicking personalities" and was claiming to have talked to spirits.

Coroner Catherine Mason concluded that his death was the accidental result of a huge thunderstorm.

She said: "It is whilst he was out there [near the waterfall] the weather deteriorated and he was reported missing when he failed to return.

"It is believed that Joe Tilley fell to his death having become disorientated."

Tragic Joe had previously appeared in Jungletown, which followed an American entrepreneur's attempt to create the world's "most sustainable modern town" in Panama.

A friend described him as "acting weird" and "asking to find a shaman" before he wandered off.

Det Con Damian Young, of Leicestershire Police, said Mr Tilley had experimented with a hallucinogen called ayahuasca, which is also known as yage.

He added: "He had been involved in a cleansing ceremony involving the poison of a kambo frog and had also been involved in a bufo toad ceremony."

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