Brit SAS fighters ‘helped free Ukraine’s Snake Island in Bond-style submarines’

British Navy special forces showed Ukrainian troops how to use Bond-like submarines in order to help Ukraine take back Snake Island from the Russians.

The Dorset-based Special Boat Service unit took personnel from the Ukrainian 73rd Naval Special Purpose Centre through their paces, showing them the ins and outs of the underwater vehicles known as Diver Propulsion Devices.

The so-called 'sea scooters' are designed to transport frogmen – soldiers who are sent out to undertake underwater military reconnaissance – over long distances.

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They were key in Ukraine's daring liberation of Snake Island from Russia invaders.

A military source told Sunday Mirror: “The 73rd became the tip of the sword and provided the fighting force that landed on the island.

“The Ukrainian special forces are as tough as they come but what they have missed out on is our specialist kit and training.

“It has paid dividends with the recapture of Snake Island.”

Snake Island is 22 miles off Ukraine's south coast in the Black Sea, and it has been a strategic location for both Ukraine and Russia since Putin's launched his invasion in February.

Russian forces captured the rocky island in the very early days of the war. After killing 13 Ukrainian soldiers defending the land, the Russian Navy told the surviving Ukrainian troops to surrender, to which they famously replied: "Russian warship, go f*** yourself."

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Russia occupied Snake Island until June 30, when Ukrainian forces regained control, thanks, in part, to these Bond-esque sea scooters.

The vehicles enabled Ukrainian frogmen to look along the coast for landmines and then give the signal for their unit to attack, the Sun also reports.

Putin called Russia's withdrawal from the island a “goodwill gesture”, however this act of kindness came after Ukrainian forces pounded the aggressor with a bombardment of missiles and artillery.

Ukraine announced the victory with a tweet from Andriy Yermak, head of the Ukrainian presidential administration that said: “KABOOM! No more Russian troops on Snake Island.”


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