Brit sisters set records for being the oldest people in two different countries

Sisters set records for being the oldest people in their countries – on opposite sides of the world.

Mary Moore has become Australia’s oldest person at 110 after her sister Lilian Priest was the longest-lived back home in Britain at 112.

The miner’s daughters were separated by 10,000 miles when Mary emigrated to Oz in 1968.

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Mary’s son Brian said: “We all wonder what the secret to my family’s long life is – if we could bottle it up, we would.”

The sisters were born in Tredegar, Gwent, among five children in the Lloyd family.

Lilian was born on November 7, 1908, and moved to Bournemouth, Dorset, aged 18 to work in a friend’s B&B.
She was 112 and 211 days old when she died in June 2021 in Swanage.

Mary – known as Gwen from her middle name – was born on November 27, 1911, and went on to have three children.

She now lives in a home in Bongaree, Queensland. Brian, 88, who still lives in Tredegar, said: “We are hopeful we will celebrate her 111th this year.

“My mother emigrated after my sister. She was homesick, so my mother went out to support her.”

Brian added: “My father Cyril died aged 37 so she had to work hard to keep us as a family.”

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Lilian’s daughter Wendy said the “fresh mountain air” of south Wales had helped the
sisters live so long.

John Tinniswood is the UK’s oldest man, and in August he recieved a record tenth birthday card from the Queen.

He was born on August 26, 1912, which was the same year that the Titanic set off on its fateful voyage.

John has lived through two world wars, seen 24 prime minister’s take office, witnessed the technological rise of the 20th century and seen the internet change the world.

"Electricity is the thing that actually changed everything, changed people's lives, as well as the introduction of radio," John said.

He has lived an incredible life, and he has offered some insight on how he’s managed to reach an age few of us will see.

Now living at Hollies Rest Home in Southport, he has taken a practical view on the often-dreaded ageing process.

When asked how he feels about his age: "Just like the wind and the rain: it happens.”

He also gave some advice for people that are hoping to live so long, saying: "One word… moderation. Don't eat too much. Don't drink too much. Try and keep yourself fit."

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