Brit soldiers training thousands of Ukrainian recruits in England to fight Putin

Top British soldiers are training thousands of Ukrainian recruits to become frontline soldiers at four bases across England, it can be revealed.

Safe from Russian missile fire, the new recruits have been arriving daily from Ukraine to join the condensed training programme in which British commanders hope to have 2,400 troops rotating through the course at any one time.

The new troops, operating in groups of about 200, will then return home to fight Russia's invading forces, with the British military aiming to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian personnel every 120 days.

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With Ukraine losing up to 200 soldiers every 24 hours in its war with Russia, the ability to generate manpower has never been more essential.

With speed a priority, the recruits are being turned into infantrymen at a much faster pace than any peacetime British recruits.

Aged between 18 and 60, many of the recruits are civilians who have never touched a weapon before.

A majority of the recruits were men but one unit was said to be 20% female.

British trainers said the motivation levels of the Ukrainians were extraordinary, with the new troops working from 6am until 10.30pm every day, seven days a week.

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One of the new joiners was a 34-year-old e-commerce manager.

"I was sitting in my office and relaxed and used to drink my coffee, do my routine all the day and everything has changed since 24 February," said the father-of-one.

"It took time to make sure my family and relatives are safe but right now I am ready to stand and do my best to protect everything that is valuable for me."

Ben Wallace, the defence secretary and a potential contender to become the next prime minister, visited the site on Thursday to meet recruits and speak with commanders.

He signalled that the UK could offer to train even more than the target of 10,000 recruits.

It typically takes six months to pass basic infantry training for soldiers in the UK; the Ukrainians are set to rotate through the course in a matter of weeks.

The training is being delivered by 11th Security Force Assistance Brigade, commanded by Brigadier Justin Stenhouse.

He said it was key to teach the recruits how to deal with the two main threats they will face on the frontline in Ukraine: Russian artillery and trench warfare. This meant the course was built around a principle of "survive to adapt", Brigadier Stenhouse said.

"So that in the first few weeks of combat they are learning as rapidly as they can do, offensive spirit, and actually they can trust their basic training we have got that it will keep them alive and allow them to go into the fight," he added.


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