Britain’s oldest person, a great-grandmother-of-11, dies aged 113

Britain’s oldest person dies aged 113: Great-grandmother-of-11 ‘renowned’ for her roast dinners passes away after living through five monarchs, 22 Prime Ministers and two world wars

  • Olive Evelyn Boar was born in 1904, and married late husband Clive in 1932
  • Pair bought a home in Ipswich, Suffolk, where she lived for more than 80 years
  • Mrs Boar embraced modern changes but preferred to do everything by hand

Britain’s oldest person, a great-grandmother-of-11 who was renowned for her roast dinners, has passed away aged 113. 

OIive Evelyn Boar was alive during the reign of five monarchs, 22 prime ministers, and survived two world wars.

Mrs Boar, the country’s 10th oldest ever person, witnessed the invention the television when she was just 21.

The former seamstress was born on September 29 in 1904.

She met and married her late husband Claude Boar in 1932 and the couple bought their house in Ipswich, Suffolk, in the same year for the price of £300. She remained living in that same house up until 2013.

Britain’s oldest person, OIive Evelyn Boar, has died aged 113. The great-grandmother-of-11 embraced changes but favoured doing ‘everything by hand’ and never had an automatic washing machine

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Despite being internationally known as Britain’s oldest resident, her son Robin, 73, told the local press that her mother had always preferred the quiet life.

He said: ‘She was very homely, very caring. She was a good friend. She was there if anyone needed anything – but she was quite strong-willed and wouldn’t let anyone push her around, even in recent years.

‘If she felt someone wasn’t showing her enough respect, she would let them know. She was a fairly amazing woman in many ways.’

When the former seamstress was born on September 29 in 1904, Edward VII was king (pictured in 1903)

Mrs Boar eventually left her home of 80 years and moved to Kent Lodge care home in Felixstowe, Suffolk, and then finally moved to The Westcliffe where spent her final days.

Speaking to local press her son spoke about her knitting and cooking – describing roast dinners as ‘renowned’.

He added: ‘She would make five time as much as you could possibly eat.’

But while she embraced changes – she favoured doing ‘everything by hand’, and never had an automatic washing machine and would not use modern electric food mixers.

Mrs Boar had been holding the title for Britain’s oldest woman following Bessie Camm’s death in May. 

The title of the oldest person is now passed on to Grace Catherine Jones, aged 111, who lives in Worcestershire. 

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