Who are Britain's most wanted criminals? From Jamie Acourt and Jonathon Kelly to Mark Acklom and Shane O'Brien

The former fugitive earned his place on the National Crime Agency's Most wanted Criminals list. Here's a list of other Brits who are still at large.

Jamie Acourt

Jamie Acourt had been on the run amid allegations he was involved in a £4million cannabis ring.

Acourt, and his brother Neil, 42, were among the five men accused of killing teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993.

Jamie was arrested in Spain on May 4 2018 as part of a National Crime Agency operation.

Spanish cops posed as gym users and swooped on the fugitive as he finished his workout.

Jonathon Kelly

Kelly, from Glasgow is Scotland's most notorious criminal who's been on the run for almost four years.

Wanted over a number of brutal assaults, the 36-year-old is said to pose a high risk to both police and the public.

The thug, who once paralysed a man with a machete, has a string of convictions for serious assaults, robbery and a breach of the peace between 2002 and 2010.

Kelly vanished after breaching bail conditions after his release from Low Moss Prison in August 2014.

He became a fugitive after failing a drug test while on parole and was due to be sent back to jail to complete his sentence of a further ten years.

cops believe he may also be hiding in Spain.

Sarah Panitzke

Sarah Panitzke,  from Fulford, York is wanted by HMRC for conspiracy to acquire criminal property.

Panitzke was a senior member of a crime group involved in a VAT fraud.

She controlled the accounts of many companies remotely via different IP addresses.

The 44-year-old travelled extensively to further the fraud to places including Dubai, Spain and Andorra.

She was responsible for laundering approximately £1billion pounds.

Panitzke absconded in May 2013 prior to the end of the trial and was convicted in her absence.

Mark Acklom

Serial fraudster Mark Acklom is wanted by Avon and Somerset Police in connection with scam in which he allegedly romanced a divorcee before fleecing her of her £850,000 life savings.

The 44-year-old is said to have left his alleged victim financially and emotionally devastated after promising to marry her.

Carolyn Woods claims he posed as an MI6 agent and conned her into "lending" him her savings during a year-long romance in Bath, Somerset.

They met when the former public schoolboy walked into her boutique in Gloucestershire to buy a jacket and began chatting her up.

Last year a European Arrest Warrant was issued for Acklom, who was believed to be at large in Spain after being released from a Spanish prison after serving time for a £200,000 property fraud.

Dominic McInally

Cocaine smuggling suspect Dominic McInally was the alleged leader of a network planning to bank £1.25million every month from flooding the UK with the Class A drug.

Cops swooped on the gang in Crosby, Merseyside,  after they had collected a 6kgs package of cocaine from the continent in January 2014.

But the Liverpudlian alleged ringleader slipped the net. He is 5ft 10 and has blond hair.

Mark Quinn

Speed supply suspect Mark Quinn, 54, went on the run after Scottish cops smashed an £11million amphetamine ring in April  2014.

The Liverpudlian is 5ft 9, of large build with short brown hair.

Shane O'Brien

Shane O'Brien, 29, is the chief suspect in connection with the unprovoked attack on Josh Hanson who died at the RE bar in Eastcote, north-west London, in October 2015.

Last year, police offered a £50,000 reward for help finding the fugitive.

He has a distinctive tattoo of an owl holding a skull on his back.

O'Brien, from Ladbroke Grove, West London, was arrested in Prague in February 2017 and later released on bail.

David John Walley

Between November 2012 and January 2013 several deliveries were made to an address in Manchester.

In January 2013 one of the parcels was intercepted by the authorities and found to contain MDMA and cocaine – and it is believed Walley arranged the importation of the drugs.

During a routine traffic stop check by Amsterdam Police in September 2014, Walley identified himself as another person and produced a passport that was later found to be false.

Walley has a northern accent, an upper tooth is chipped and others are rotten or missing, plus he has a tattoo of the name Natalie in blue and a tattoo of Manchester City Football Club's emblem with a dragon and lion.

David Ungi

A manhunt was launched for David Ungi in March 2016  in connection with the street killing of teenager Vinny Waddington.

Detectives believe he was part of a gang that hunted down and shot the 18-year-old in July 2015.

Ungi, the son of high-profile Liverpool businessman David Ungi who was shot dead in 1995, is thought to have fled to Holland after leaving the country 18 hours after the attack.

The 25-year-old, known to use the alias David Riccio, was captured on CCTV calmly strolling through ferry terminal security at Dover on July 15.

Shazad Ghafoor

Police said Ghafoor took a courtesy car from the Williams Land Rover dealership in Manchester in August 2013 resulting in the 20 mile chase.

Cash to the value of £80,000 to £100,000 was recovered. There were traces of heroin, cocaine, and cannabis on the notes.

Ghafoor was charged with fraud, possession of criminal property, dangerous driving and disqualified driving.

He was also charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply after a vehicle was searched in November 2013 and cannabis worth £245,000 was found.

The 29-year-old was due to appear in court in February 2015 in relation to the other charges but failed to answer his bail and a warrant was issued for his arrest.



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