Britain’s worst female paedo to be released after sexually abusing babies and toddlers

“I am staggered”

George’s ex

Her release was also delayed following public uproar over a decision, later reversed, to release black cab rapist John Warboys from jail.

There was also the granting of freedom to road rage killer and serial crook, Kenneth Noye

George, publicly disowned by her two daughters, was divorced by her husband Andrew while in jail and she has since reverted to her maiden name Vanessa Sylvia Marks.

Neither Andrew or the girls knew of her secret life in which she turned from an angel at the nursery, trusted by parents to look after their little children, into a monster abusing them.

Protests over her freedom were led last night by Andrew, who fears his ex-wife will have ‘manipulated’ parole board members, and that she still poses a risk on the outside.

Andrew, aged 51 years, insists he is a ‘broken man’ claiming he will bear the mental scars of her crimes for the rest of his life.

“I am staggered,” he said.

“I just don’t know what to say.”

While she will be eased back into society with a network of support from probation officers, the family’s nightmare continues today, he has said in previous interviews.

Doctors have warned Andrew he may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“While she’ll be returned to society, possibly with a new look and identity, I face a life sentence knowing that for me this nightmare will never disappear,” he said.

Following her arrest in 2009, police insisted her family knew nothing of double life as an abuser at Little Ted’s Nursery in Efford, Plymouth, which was forced to close after the scandal was revealed.

While sending indecent pictures of her abusing the children to a five strong gang of paedophiles, including ‘Svengali’ Colin Blanchard, she boasted of being a paedo whore mum.

Forced by debts to sell the marital home and suffering from a re-occurence of skin cancer, jobless Andrew believes that the Parole Board must now fully explain why it thinks his ex has now changed her ways.

He said: “Vanessa is manipulative and she’s like the leopard which never changes its spots. She should have stayed locked-up.”

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