British Columbia’s Jewish community rallies in wake of anti-Semitic New York knife attack

British Colulmbia’s Jewish community is standing strong in the wake of a horrific knife attack at the home of a New York rabbi during Hanukkah Saturday night.

Five people were injured in the stabbings, which took place in Monsey, N.Y. on the second-to-last night of the annual winter holiday.

In British Columbia, Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver CEO Ezra Shanken said that the attack put the local community on alert, but it hasn’t dampened its holiday spirit.

“We are trying to balance the posture of being an open, welcoming place while putting the increased level of security in place so that people can feel safe enough to walk through that door in the first place,” Shanken said.

He said the Jewish community has developed strong ties with local law enforcement, due to the persistence of anti-Semitism. And in 2017, he said the federation hired a community security director for the first time.

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