British teenager killed on motorway in Croatia ‘while on school trip’

A British teenager believed to be on a school trip has reportedly died after dashing across a motorway to reach a McDonald’s in Croatia.

The 18-year-old, together with a group of 20 others, is thought to have run across the busy A7 to reach the restaurant on the other side.

Tragically, the boy was hit by a car on Sunday night, just after midnight, near the ‘Vrata Jadrana – North’ service station, according to local media.

Paramedics attempted to stabilise the teenager and was taken to hospital in the port city of Rijeka by ambulance, but medics eventually lost a battle to keep him alive.

The boy was part of a group believed to be travelling on a school bus that had stopped at the service station, according to reports.

The car that hit him, a Ford with Rijeka’s licence plates, reportedly had no opportunity to avoid the fatal crash, as the teen dashed across the motorway right in front of the vehicle.

Police are investigating why the boy had decided to cross the road illegally despite there being was a bridge nearby.

But according to one online posting by a user called ‘Aitri Taban’ that was repeated in local media, the boy together with others had wanted to reach the McDonald’s on the other side of the motorway and had not wanted to run further down to use the proper crossing point.

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They had then wanted to get back to the bus in time.

The Foreign Office has been approached for comment.

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