Brits to bask in five-day heatwave with 28C highs before ‘sting in the tail’

Brits will finally get the heatwave we’ve been waiting for on Wednesday – but it will only last five days before the rain returns.

Forecasters reckon it will be hotter than Portugal thanks to a ‘French heat flare’ – a 500 mile-wide hot air mass from France and northern Spain – bringing temperatures up to 28C.

MeteoGroup forecast highs pushing 26C from Wednesday, with warm subtropical Atlantic air blowing in and hot air from Spain’s 44C sizzle set to reach the English Channel by the weekend.

Forecasters say it could reach 27C on Thursday, and 28C on Saturday, with heat until Sunday.

The Met Office said the south would be sunny while the north is due cloud and showers – although it is set for 23C sunny intervals.

Britain will be hotter than 24C Porto, Portugal, boosting UK staycations after the worst school holidays weather for seven years, with a two-week washout.

But 10 days’ worth of rain bursts will follow from Monday, frustrating holidaymakers again.

MeteoGroup DTN forecaster Luis Jimenez said: “It will feel more like summer compared to the past two weeks, with a lot of sunny spells and dry conditions for the south.

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“Wednesday and Thursday are forecast 25C, with 26C possible if less cloud.

“And the weekend will be warm with subtropical air from the Atlantic over the south, and warm air from Spain possibly reaching the English Channel.”

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending added: “You’d be forgiven for thinking autumn had arrived – but summer isn’t over.

“Temperatures may flirt with the high 20s this week.

“But the plume of warmth looks set to be cut off, with showery rain and blustery Atlantic winds next week.”

A Met Office forecaster said: “Wednesday will have the best of the sunshine in the south-east, with the south then mostly fine and settled for coming days. It will feel rather warm in the south-east.

“But the north will be showery with brisk breezes. And from Monday, most places are likely to see showers or longer spells of rain mixed with drier periods.”

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze added: “It was the worst start to school holidays for a number of years, amid bouts of Atlantic rain.”

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