Bruno the 25-pound fat cat finds new home as owner falls in love with his quirks

A fat cat named Bruno with a 25-pound frame has finally found his forever home after being put up for adoption.

Bruno became a viral sensation last week as the Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois, US, posted an advert for him saying he was ‘too cool to be homeless’.

The Facebook post described his high maintenance traits including how he loves to be petted while he eats, he only drinks water from a separate room to where his food is, and how he likes the sides of his face to be scratched.

A staggering total of 161 adoption applications came in for Bruno, who has extra toes and a habit of standing on his hind legs.

And Bruno was finally adopted on Tuesday by 29-year-old Lauren Paris and her boyfriend Jason Bartlett in Chicago.

"When I saw a photo of Bruno that had been shared on Facebook I just…freaked," Lauren told BuzzFeed News.

"It was this wild combination of an excited laugh/cry.

"And I felt this insane drive — I knew I would do whatever it took to be his forever home."

Lauren, a singer, even recorded a song called ‘Give me that Fat Cat’ to go with her application, written by her friend Kathleen Gibson.

After catching the attention of the shelter, Lauren got to meet Bruno and said it was love at first sight.

And as the adoption was finalised, she was pictured crying with joy.

Bruno now lives in a flat overlooking Chicago, and has had somewhat of an ‘upgrade’.

In the Facebook post on behalf of Bruno, Wright Way Rescue had written: "There’s a lot of me to love! I am perfectly healthy other than being overweight.

"I am on a diet, though. I am walking, playing, and doing tricks like this to lose some weight."

The shelter now says you can follow news of Bruno, his new home and his weight loss journey on his very own Instagram account.

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