Bumble bride who ran off to Las Vegas to marry man on their first date reveals they're living with TWO of her ex-lovers

Sarah Edwards, 34, said Paul, 36, got off to a stressful start because the newlyweds who met on Bumble have to live in the home she shares with two former lovers.

The couple got hitched on Christmas Day just 12 days after matching on the dating app in December, meeting at Gatwick Airport before jetting off to Vegas for their wedding.

To make matters more awkward, her current husband and two exes are all called Paul.

They are all living together inTunbridge Wells, Kent, until Sarah and husband Paul can buy a new place.

Sarah told MailOnline: “We're really happy and about to celebrate our two-month anniversary.

“But it's all been very stressful too, like it always is when you're getting to know someone and making a new life together.

They're all called Paul! But luckily they all get along like a house on fire


“To complicate things further, Paul's also got to live with another of my ex-partners who is also my best friend and lives here too. And they're all called Paul! But luckily they all get along like a house on fire.”

She said Paul, who has two daughters aged 13 and 15, was jealous and lacking in self-confidence before they met, so the living situation hasn’t been easy for him.

Sarah, who has spoken of her "high sex drive" and love of kinky fetish parties, admits that it is "a lot to expect" for him to trust her after his ex-fiancée left him.

Sarah and Paul only spoke on the phone for the first time on December 22 – and the very next day they decided to get married.


After meeting for the first time at Gatwick on Christmas Eve – wearing their full wedding outfits – they boarded a plane to Las Vegas to get hitched.

Paul even got down on one knee to pop the question.

The lovebirds flew back into Gatwick on Sunday afternoon following their whirlwind wedding – and described their big day as "perfect".

Sarah, originally from New Zealand, and Paul held hands throughout their entire stay in Vegas where they wed in front of the famous Fountains of Bellagio.

“The wedding was so romantic,” Sarah gushed. “Our wedding kiss was our first and there aren't many couples who can say that.

"The minister kept telling us how strong a connection we had and told us to stay cute and to stay adorable."

The newlyweds walked around the city in their wedding outfits after the ceremony, getting cheers from tourists.

Sarah said they both want children in the future, which will have to be through IVF, which they discussed before getting engaged.

She has been married before but doesn't think Paul could get another ring she liked as much as her old one.

Sarah added:"We thought it would be cool to tell our future children that the first time we met, I was wearing a wedding dress and Paul was in a suit and that was the day we got married."


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