Calamity Jeremy Corbyn is out of step with his own grassroots supporters and is losing Labour's confidence

Labour's sick of calamity Corbyn

His cack-handed leadership has so dismayed Labour members that they are deserting the party in droves.

More than 60,000 loyalists have torn up their membership cards since Labour’s high-water mark at the 2017 election, and that could rise to 100,000.

They were already disillusioned by his inability to quell the anti-Semitism row and his failure to condemn Putin over the Salisbury poisonings. His decision to duck Brexit talks with the PM is the latest calamitous misjudgment to leave his party reeling.

A new poll in today’s Sun on Sunday reveals 65 per cent of voters, a large proportion of them Labour supporters, believe he was barmy to snub Mrs May’s offer.

It is further damning evidence that he is out of step with his own grass roots and rapidly losing their confidence.

One Corbynista ally is now proposing a customs union with the EU based on a model introduced by Venezuela.

The South American country was idolised by half-baked Marxists like Corbyn when it was run by hard-left poster-boy Hugo Chavez.

But largely thanks to Chavez it is now an economic basket case.

Not unlike Labour under Corbyn.

Action on brutes at last

FOR too long, women have suffered horrific abuse at the hands of brutish partners.

Shocking figures show two women are killed every week in domestic incidents.

Now the Government is launching a new crackdown on domestic violence that will enshrine women’s legal rights to check on men they meet on the internet. The laws are a victory for The Sun on Sunday’s long-term domestic abuse campaign.

They will make it illegal for domineering thugs to manipulate vulnerable partners by denying them money or use of a car. They will also force abusers into rehab if drink or drugs are involved.

Although the measures have been long awaited, they are no less welcome for that.

Great to see you, Ant

ANT McPartlin is a national treasure.

He is the first to admit that his addictions drove him to terrible depths.

But he has paid a high price to overcome them.

The whole nation will be glad to see him back in Britain’s favourite double act.

Welcome back, Ant, we missed you.

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