Calgary man pleads guilty to stealing nearly $250,000 worth of tires and rims

Guilty pleas have been entered by a Calgary man charged with a string of vehicle tire thefts.

In an agreed statement of facts read to court in Lethbridge on Monday, 31-year-old Patrick Rouillard admitted to stealing more than $250,000 worth of vehicle tires and rims from multiple car dealerships across Alberta.

The statement of facts said that between March 2016 and October 2018, Rouillard stole rims and tires from car dealerships in Lethbridge, Leduc, Taber, Wetaskiwin, and Calgary.

Court heard that in March of 2016, Rouillard rented a U-Haul truck and stole tires and rims off of 10 new vehicles parked in a parking lot of a Lethbridge dealership. He also stole additional tires from storage containers on the property. In total, the value of the stolen property was nearly $60,000.

He then drove to Calgary and sold some of the tires to an automotive company for $8,000.

In May of the same year, he rented another U-Haul truck and stole pallets of tires and rims from a Lethbridge business valuing nearly $5,000.

Court also heard that in July 2016 he rented a U-haul truck in Red Deer, then stole the tires and rims off 13 vehicles there, totaling roughly $60,000.

That same month he received a cheque for just under $10,000 from an individual in exchange for an unknown amount of the stolen items.

He then rented another U-Haul in October of 2016 and stole roughly $8,000 worth of tires from a Lethbridge tire shop.

During the same month, he also stole tires and rims off of 14 vehicles from a Lethbridge business. The total value of the stolen property and damage to the vehicles was roughly $50,000.

He then rented another U-Haul truck in January 2018 and stole tires and rims from a dealership in Taber from seven new trucks valuing $23,000.

In June 2018, after renting another U-Haul truck, he dismantled a lock at a dealership in Wetaskiwin and stole 14 sets of tires and rims worth roughly $70,000.

While under surveillance by police, Rouillard rented a U-Haul van and cut a hole in a dealership fence in Calgary. The statement of facts said he did so with the intent to steal tires and rims from the compound. Once in the property, he loosened the lug nuts on several vehicles and placed a small rock on their hoods to identify them.

According to the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT), none of the stolen property was recovered. Rouillard was selling the stolen property through his Kijiji account “Tire Guy” as well as directly to automotive dealers.

Several agencies were involved with the investigation which resulted in his arrest at the CFB Suffield base in July.

He was charged with a number of theft-related charges.

He will be back in court on March 9.

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