‘Can we go back to London?’ Girl moans to mum after epic Wetherspoons row in Sheffield

Georgia Grantham, 19, and her mum were sat at The Wagon and Horses Wetherspoons pub in Sheffield when they appeared to offend a man and woman nearby.

“You’re disgusting, you’re vile, speaking to your daughter like that, talking about people, slagging people off, she’s doing her job,” the man says in the clip.

It is not clear exactly what is said before the camera started filming to spark the row.

Georgia’s mum can be heard saying: “It’s my business not yours.”

The woman accompanying the man says: “My kids will never speak like that, f***ing idiot.”

Georgia replies by saying she’s “been called a lot worse babes”.

But it quickly escalates when she asks her mum if “she could move back to London”.

Georgia lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, but spent most of her childhood in the capital.

The dark-haired woman stands up and says: “Oh f*** off, the quicker the better, imagine all Londoners are like that.”

She then notices the teenager is recording and appears to smash the phone out of her hand.

A Wetherspoons spokesman said both parties were kicked out of the pub for the incident on Monday.

They said customers “were being anti-social and asked to leave the pub, due to racist comments and being verbally abusive about staff”.

It is not clear which customers the spokesperson was referencing.

The footage comes after a separate incident saw a man getting kneed in the head in a chicken shop brawl.

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