Can you find the armchair hidden among the sofas in this furniture puzzle?

Is that you? Are you eagle-eyed enough to spot the solo armchair in amongst this maze of two-seater-sofas?

The team that created the eye-watering puzzle are from furniture retail giant SCS.

They have 100 stores nationwide so these people should really know their sofas.

They say the record to beat is 23 seconds – that means you would have spotted the armchair before the famous Countdown timer clock even entered its final beats.

There are at least 150 sofas piled on top of each other in the dizzying image, so good luck spotting the one single-seater in among them.


Simon Nicholson, furniture buying director from ScS, said: “With the nights drawing in and the weather taking a turn, we wanted to provide customers with some light entertainment that can be enjoyed from the comfort of their sofas.

"The current record set by our team is an impressive 23 seconds and, given the fact we’re experts in finding furniture, we may take some beating.

"Our only tips are not to be distracted by the cats and to get a cuppa at the ready to ensure maximum enjoyment!"

You must have had far more than 23 seconds now… have you spotted it? Or have you gone cross-eyed?

Don't worry either way – here's the answer:

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