Captured 'Brit members of ISIS Beatles gang' may never face justice as they demand UK proves they were members bloodthirsty group

Europe and the US have refused to take back twisted fanatics El Shafee Elsheik and Alexander Kotey and put them on trial.

The head of the Kurdish administrations foreign affairs council in northern Syria told the Times that the pair's parent nations "seem to prefer this ball of fire to remain in our hands."

Their British citizenship was revoked by UK authorities, but this means British intelligence officials cannot question them -despite their involvement in the murder and torture of British aid workers and hostages.

Unrepentant Elsheik said: "The British government is in a tough situation – a much more tough situation than me, trust me.

Kotey, who grew up in Notting Hill said he "misses London," but the pair both challenge the UK to provide proof they are both members of the bloodthirsty ISIS group.

He talked of missing restaurants, gyms and coffee shops in different parts of the city, which he left behind at the age of 17 to join forces in Syria.

They are alleged to be part of the ISIS gang which slaughtered at least 27 prisoners, and are the only remaining members.

Their contemporaries included Mohammed Emwazi, also known as "Jihadi John", with whom they subjected foreign hostages to beatings, torture and mock executions.

Emwazi was seen in multiple videos barbarically hacking off the heads of hostages.

He was killed in a US-led drone strike in 2015 in Raqqa, Syria.

Despite their alleged actions, Kotey said the identity of the "masked" men in videos could not be known.

He said: "From the accounts I have read of the detainees and documentaries I have watched and things I have read about the case, I find it very strange that people who described being held by masked men, as soon as the capture of myself and Shafee was announced, say how glad they are that the people that were responsible for X, Y, and Z have been caught."

Elsheik added: "It’s down to them to do what they claim, otherwise the whole system is a shambles and everyone who claims to stand by it is a bunch of hypocrites.”


The pair were detained by the US-backed Syrian Democratic forces in January.

Since their capture there has been a debate over where and how the pair ought to be prosecuted.

The US is currently pushing for home countries of foreign jihadis in Iraq and Syria for trial – meaning Emwazi and Kotey tried in the UK legal system.

Elsheikh has previously rubbished claims he would be given a fair trial in the UK, saying the allegations against him are "propaganda."

They both deny being involved in the taking of hostages or beheadings.



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