Carrie Underwood Puts Amazing Figure On Display In Workout Gear

When performing in front of thousands of fans, one of the most noticeable things about Carrie Underwood, aside from her voice, is her legs. She showed off her amazing mom figure in blue leggings today on Instagram for fans.

While pregnant with her son, Underwood decided to create her brand, Calia by Carri Underwood. Choosing tops, bottoms, and accessories that do ‘double duty,’ Underwood said she wanted to bridge the gap between cute and workout gear.

“The main priority I had was to help women feel strong and confident while working out, running errands or meeting up with friends. I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished with this brand.”

Underwood recently let fans in on her secrets to keeping a toned figure. The 35-year-old mom told LIVESTRONG that she focuses on working her entire body when in the gym.

Fans love to see Underwood post photos working out and supporting her ‘Calia by Carrie’ brand. Many users comment on her legs asking for tips and tricks to get “those amazing legs you have.”

Loving these blue @CALIAbyCarrie Energize 7/8 Leggings! ???????????? #StayThePath

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“I typically focus on strength training with cardio where I can work my entire body,” Underwood said. “I love toning my arms and legs with a variety of squats, lunges, pull-ups and planks.”

Balancing life with her 3-year-old son, a giant music career, and an athlete husband can be overwhelming but Underwood says she tries to fit a workout in whenever possible. Often, Underwood said, when her son is away at ‘Mother’s Day Out’ she will run the 3 miles around her neighborhood as quickly as possible.

Many fans notice that Underwood’s husband and son, Isaiah Michael, often “crash” her workouts. She doesn’t let interruptions ruin her workout though. Underwood told sources she often takes her son to the park and does pull-ups while he plays.

During tours, Underwood credits calorie counting to helping her stay on track with her eating. She follows a strict vegetarian diet, using vegetarian meat and avocado to her fill her up. Underwood told LIVESTRONG she enjoys roasting vegetables.

“I’m definitely an advocate for eating healthy but staying full, that’s why I always have snacks on me, because I hate being hungry.”

The singer said she uses working out to reduce stress in her everyday life telling sources, “At the end of the day, that’s what keeps my mind healthy and makes me the best mom I can be for my son.” Which, is enough motivation for many fans to pick up her workout gear and hit the gym.

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