From cassette tapes to ghetto blasters these 1980s memes will baffle millennials

It was the 1980s, brunch was yet to be invented and social media hadn’t swallowed all of our attention.

And for the young people of today it seems like an entirely bygone era.

Now internet wags have highlighted the differences between then and now in a string of hilarious memes aimed at millennials.

They learn the way to block people then was to leave your phone off the hook and are confronted with such exotic items as cassette tapes and ghetto blasters.

What a time to be alive.

Life Cycle

Master Blaster

Ringing The Changes

Slice Of The Action

Knight And Day

In A Spin

King Of The Swingers

Thirsty Work

The Write Stuff

Great Tapes

Winning Tape

Going For A Song

Re-dressing The Balance

Boom Times

Stick To It

In A Spin

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