Cat caught on pet camera wreaking havoc in kitchen while briefly unattended

A video of a cat causing utter carnage in a kitchen while trying out some parkour moves has gone viral on Reddit today.

In the pet cam footage, which has been up-voted more than 57,000 times on the "Watch People Die Inside" page, a black cat leaps from the left frame onto an island counter.

Upon landing, the cat skids uncontrollably into what looks like three glass jars, knocking them over and sending them crashing to the floor.

A split-second later the cat has leaped on top of the refrigerator, perhaps as a vantage point to survey the devastation it has caused.

The cat's owner then walks into the room and looks at the mess, before turning to look at the cat with what Reddit users gauged as a "calm" but exasperated expression.

Unsurprisingly, the video attracted a lot of comments from cat lovers and reluctant cat housemates alike, with many viewers amused by the reaction of the homeowner.

"You can feel the disappointment through the screen," joked one.

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A second viewer commented: "That man has seen s*** like that happen so many times, he's not even angry, my boy is straight exhausted."

"Cat’s thinking 'did you just see that sweet slide to knock them all down,'" quipped a third.

Another person joked: "Nowhere is safe. Cats will reach anything. They will open your drawers. They will open doors. Beware."

This isn't the first time the crazy antics of cats have been caught on a pet cam.

A sneaky black cat ended up leaping out his skin when he tried to stalk the living room cam only for it to terrify him when it rotated a fraction.

In a similar video, a cat appears to have discovered the pet cam and is staring intently down the lens, leaving his owner questioning who is watching who.

Hilariously, a cat owner managed to use a pet cam to finally solve the mystery behind disappearing socks which had been bothering them for months.

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