Child-shape bollards are branded 'terrifying'

‘The stuff of nightmares!’: ‘Creepy’ child-shape bollards designed to alert drivers to school crossing are branded ‘terrifying’ and have turned village into ‘an 80s horror film’

  • The bollards have been terrifying unwitting motorists who have been driving by
  • They were the brainchild of Stoney Stanton Parish Council parish clerk Roz Ward
  • The road furniture was created to encourage people to drive more safely 

Motorists says they are terrified by child-shaped bollards that were put up in a quiet village.

The unusual pavement furniture emerged this weekend after a man posted it online as he was driven through Stoney Stanton.

In the video the haunting pretend infants stand completely still glaring icily at drivers as they go through the area.

The bollards are the shape of children and painted in a semi-realistic manner to urge motorists to be careful behind the wheel

They were installed over two years ago by Stoney Stanton Parish Council and the local school.

Children bollards in Stoney Stantion which locals think they are Midwich Cuckoo style children

The bollards, which are two years old, have been terrifying motorists driving through village

They were the brainchild of Stoney Stanton Parish Council parish clerk Roz Ward in 2022

While they are not the first in the country – with others seen in places including Windsor – the effect in the video seemed to have hit a chord with people watching it on Twitter.

People who had been looking at the video online called the plastic infants ‘terrifying’ and ‘the stuff of nightmares’.

Another said: ‘Crikey. That is very disturbing.’

The icy glare of one of the children has scared grown adults driving their cars through village

The idea is they are a visual prompt to motorists to remind them that children could be in area

The bollards are in the shape both boys and girls to reflect the majority of pupils it the area

A third commentator opined: ‘I think the painted bollards would be more of a distraction rather than a warning of children around which could be more dangerous?’ 

The bollards were put up as part of a drive safe scheme in the village in July 2020.

They were the brainchild of parish clerk Roz Ward who helped them become a reality.

The pretend children were nicknamed Billie and Belinda. 

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