Chilling moment Bedsit Murderer David Fuller is arrested in his dingy lair amid fears he raped hundreds MORE corpses

TWISTED double murderer David Fuller could have attacked hundreds more victims – storing grotesque videos of himself violating women’s bodies at his home.

Chilling footage shows the moment that the necrophiliac was arrested in his dingy lair and calmly went with cops, who discovered his grim perversion after searching his home in Heathfield, Sussex.

Body-cam footage from his arrest shows the moment that the monster calmly went with officers and was charged with the murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pearce.

Horrifying images of Fuller having sex with 98 dead girls and women in mortuaries were found concealed in an office he had converted from a box bedroom.

Police believe the depraved footage points to the motive behind the 1987 bedsit murders of Wendy, 25, and Caroline, 20, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Pathologist Dr Nat Carey re-examined evidence from the original homicide investigations and concluded that Wendy was sexually assaulted “on the point of death or after death.”

Detectives have concluded Fuller had a fixation with necrophilia, a rare perversion of having sex with corpses.

The shocking mortuary films showed Fuller carrying out the twisted acts from 2008 up until November last year, the month before his arrest.

However, it is feared he could have been carrying out the violation of bodies from when he first started working for the former Kent and Sussex Hospital, in Tunbridge Wells, in 1989.

More than 3,500 exhibits – computers, phones and hand-written diaries – were found.

They included 100 hard drives, 2,200 floppy discs, 30 sim cards, 1,300 CDs and DVDs, 34,000 photo prints, negatives, slides and camera rolls.

Police bought specialist computers to forensically interrogate more than 23 terabytes of data from the digital devices.

Fuller was employed at the hospital as an electrical maintenance supervisor by the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

Shortly before that hospital closed down in September 2011, Fuller went to work at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury in the same job for an outside contractor.

Although he had no specific role in the mortuary, Fuller had access through a swipe card to all areas of the hospital.

He carried out the perverted sex acts on female bodies at night after mortuary staff had left work for the day.

Three corpses were of girls under 16 and the oldest was 85.


On some occasions, father-of-four Fuller filmed himself returning to the same body to fulfil his depraved desires. He was shown going to one woman’s corpse on four occasions.

Detective Supt Ivan Beasley said: “The scale of offending is unprecedented in the UK. There is nothing we have ever seen like this.”

The shocking mortuary material emerged during a search of Fuller’s three-bedroom house where he lived with his third wife, a nurse at the hospital where he worked, and their son, 20.

Fuller had converted an upstairs box bedroom into an office which was monitored by CCTV – a private domain concealing his warped secrets under layers of protection.

Inside a wardrobe in the office, cops found a cabinet and screwed to the back of that was a hand-made box in which four hard drives were hidden – containing images of corpses being defiled.

The home office also had a hatch to a loft where Fuller had hoarded thousands of items which took nine officers over five months to comb through.

A team of more than 100 officers and staff were assembled to sift through 14 million images and 4 million video clips.

A total of three million stills and moving images contained offences of child pornography, extreme sexual images as well as the disturbed mortuary offences.

Detectives also seized 150,000 hours of CCTV from Tunbridge Wells Hospital stretching back to the summer of 2020 and have analysed Fuller’s swipe card records going back to 2019.

Although cameras did not cover the area where bodies were kept refrigerated, CCTV showed Fuller entering the mortuary and its main area at relevant times he filmed himself with the bodies.

Of the 98 bodies Fuller filmed himself with, 78 have been identified and their families are shortly due to be informed of the depraved acts committed on their loved ones.

More than 150 specialist family liaison officers, specially trained in dealing with grieving relatives, have been recruited from forces across the country to deliver the shocking news to them.

Police say some of those he violated will never be identified because of the way he filmed the corpses.

Det Chief Supt Paul Fotheringham said: “It is abominable. It has been a really challenging process for my staff, having to view this content.”


Officers consulted police colleagues from other forces who dealt with the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire and Manchester Arena bombing for advice on body identification.

Police set up regular panel meetings with the NHS and coroner’s office on how to identify the defiled corpses, with around 25 female bodies being in the mortuary at any one time.

A grant of £1.5 million has been provided by the Victim Support Service to cover costs of the unique process of informing loved one of those Fuller defiled in death.

He has been charged with a total of 51 offences from the material found at his home, 44 of which relate to the 78 identified corpses and include over-arching charges with multiple victims.

Having penetrative sex with a corpse is covered by section 70 of the Sexual Offences Act and punishable with a maximum of two years imprisonment.

However, it is understood that following the Fuller case, the Government plans to review the sentencing guideline to increase the penalty.

Fuller has admitted to police he is in the films taken with the bodies.

Senior CPS prosecutor Libby Clark, who dealt with the Babes in the Woods murders, said: “This is the most disturbed and challenging case I have ever been involved with.

“Horrific offending on a scale that we have never seen before. When I stop to think about it I find it almost unbelievable that we have a case of this nature and scale.

“I found particularly chilling some of the evidence of sex after death.

“Fuller must have remained with Wendy for some time after her death before making his way from her flat.”

Veteran homicide investigator Noel McHugh, of the National Crime Agency, said: “These type of offences are very rare.”

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