Chilling moment teen ‘killer’ Darriynn Brown returns for Cash Gernon’s twin, 4, hours after he was snatched & murdered

THIS is the chilling moment a man suspected of abducting and killing a four-year-old boy in Texas allegedly returned four hours later to snatch his twin brother.

A video appears to show "killer" Darriynn Brown standing over Cash Gernon's twin while the boy was sleeping peacefully in his cot.

In the footage obtained by, Brown, 18, can be seen returning to the bedroom before reaching down and touching the boy.

After a few seconds of wandering around the room, it looks as though Brown is disturbed by a sound and then flees the room, leaving the boy unharmed in his cot.

Hours earlier Brown allegedly broke into the same house and was filmed abducting Cash.

The four-year-old was found stabbed to death and dumped on the street by a jogger on a residential street early Saturday morning in the Mountain Creek area of Dallas, Texas.

On Tuesday the Dallas Medical Examiner revealed that Cash had died of multiple stab wounds.

Police said that his wounds appeared to have been afflicted by an "edged weapon".

The twins had been staying at their home on Saddleridge Drive where they had shared a bedroom located in the back of the house.

In the night vision surveillance footage, Brown can allegedly be seen walking into the boys' bedroom wearing a small backpack, a hoodie, sneakers and sweatpants before leering over both boys.

Brown stands motionless over Cash before picking him up quickly and bolts out of the bedroom while holding the boy in his arms.

Cash was found roughly one hour and 45 minutes later stabbed to death in a pool of blood on a nearby street.

Cash's father's girlfriend, Monica Sherrod, identified Cash and said that he was asleep when the suspect broke in and kidnapped him at 5am local time.

His biological mother believed Cash and his twin brother were with their dad and did not know that they were left with Sherrod, a police spokesperson said.

The birth mom and grandmother were looking for the pair and both women since been reunited with Cash's brother.

Sherrod called cops shortly before 11am to report Cash as missing – but his body had been found hours before.

According to an affidavit, obtained by the Morning News, Sherrod watched the video with cops and identified Brown.

Brown is being held on charges of kidnapping and burglary, but police said more charges are likely “pending results from a forensic analysis.”

Authorities have not confirmed how Sherrod identified the suspect or Brown's relationship to Cash.

According to WFAA, Brown wore an ankle monitoring bracelet for a prior charge.

“Through the hard work of the men and women of the Dallas Police Department, this criminal was brought to justice, and it would not have been possible without the Dallas FBI Evidence Response Team and the public’s assistance,” police said in a statement.

Officers found the boy when they responded to a 911 call at about 7am Saturday, according to police spokesman Albert Martinez.

“We are shocked, we are very angry about what has happened to this small child,” Martinez said, describing the boy’s death as “violent."

Investigators believe the boy lived locally and are knocking on doors to locate security footage or other information to aid in the investigation.

Antwainese Square, 39, told the pubication she was jogging at about 6.30am when she saw what she thought was a dog lying in the road but when she got closer she saw the boy’s arms and legs.

“That’s when I noticed the baby had ants at the bottom of his feet so I knew he was deceased then,” Square said. “It was heart-wrenching because this baby could have been no more than five.”

Having called 911 she told the operator she could see blood on the boy’s face and the upper half of his body.

She added he wasn’t wearing shoes or a shirt.

“As a mother, this just – it breaks my heart,” she said. “It breaks my heart. And now I’m afraid. Now I’m paranoid. Because I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what’s going on.”

“I mean just knowing that someone out there is capable of killing a child, that alone is just unsettling,” she said. “So I am praying that that baby gets justice.”

”It’s a lot to take in,” said Lisa Gilbert, 18, who lives just down the road. “It’s so shocking to me that it’s a four-year-old, someone’s baby. That could’ve been my little cousin or brother or something. It’s just the point that he’s gone now. It’s just terrifying.”

”I just hope that they find whoever did this and put them behind bars because it’s not right to kill a little baby,” she said.

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