Chinese worker survives after getting impaled by a rod in the EYE

Chinese construction worker survives after getting impaled by a steel rod in the EYE

  • A man in China was taken to hospital with a 20in long rod stuck in his left eye
  • Firefighters shortened the bar using a disc cutter before sending him for surgery
  • The worker is recovering from operation and is reportedly in stable condition

A construction worker in east China has been saved by doctors after having a steel rod stuck in his eye.

The man remained calm as firefighters shortened the 20-inches-long bar with a metal cutter before sending him to the operating theatre.

Doctors successfully removed the bar and the worker is now recovering.

A worker was sent to a hospital in east China with a 20-inch metal rod impaled in his left eye 

The construction worker, whose details has not been revealed, was recently admitted to The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University with a reinforcing bar stuck in the left eye, reported the Modern Daily.

Footage has emerged which shows firefighters trying to shorten the rod before surgeons removed it from the man’s face.

They covered the man’s face with bandages and secured the rod as one rescuer used a handheld disc cutter.

Another firefighter had to spray water towards the metal to reduce the heat generated during the cut.

Firefighters sprayed water to the rod to reduce the heat while shortening the rod with a cutter

They spent three minutes to cut the bar before sending the man to the operating theatre

The worker remains in stable condition after having the rod removed by the doctors

It was reported that the man stayed awake during the three-minute rescue effort.

He was then pushed into the operation theatre where doctors removed the rod from his eye.

No detailed were disclosed of the operation but the man is recovering from surgery and remains in stable condition.

He is expected to receive more post-surgery treatments.

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