Chinese workers lay a new railway in 3.5 hours

Now THAT’S a fast track! Chinese workers lay a new railway in 3.5 HOURS

  • 500 workers from Hunan completed a railway upgrade in 210 minutes
  • They joined two existing railways into a new high-speed line at full steam 
  • The new railway line would help cut journey time from 11 to four hours

As a country renowned for its high-speed trains, China also builds its railways at an incredibly fast rate.

A team of workers in southern China managed to lay part of a new railway line in just 3.5 hours yesterday, and the incredible team effort has been captured on a video.

More than 500 people worked at full steam to join two existing railways to a new high-speed railway at the Hejiacun Station in Zhangjiajie city.

Efficient: 500 workers completed a railway line upgrade in 3.5 hours yesterday in China

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A dramatic video has been released by China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, which is responsible for the railway upgrade project. 

The footage shows determined workers pushing railway tracks together, levelling ballast around them before fixing the tracks into places. 

The team chanted ‘One, two! One, two!’ as they lined up the tracks in order to synchronise their moves. 

The railway is a section of the new Qian-Zhang-Chang high-speed rail, which is 339 kilometres (210 miles) long and is expected to complete in 2019.

It links populous municipality Chongqing with Changde city in Hunan Province, passing tourist city Zhangjiajie, reported People’s Daily. 

Determined: The workers connected two existing railway to a new railway in Zhangjiajie

Full steam: Workers chanted ‘One, two! One, two!’ as they pushed the tracks at Hejiacun

With an operating speed of 200kmh (124mph), the new rail line will greatly reduce the travelling time between cities in southern China. 

Train riders would be able to travel from Chongqing to Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan, in four hours – compared to the current 11-hour journey. 

This is not the first time Chinese railway workers have impressed the world with their eye-opening efficiency. 

In January, some 1,500 workers laid the railway for a new train station in Fujian Province in nine hours.   

Scenic: The impressive railway upgrade took place at a train station in Zhangjiajie, a tourist city whose famous stone columns inspired the ‘floating mountains’ in film Avatar

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