Chloe Ayling kidnap lawyers want to quiz Love Island beauty Megan Barton Hanson about CBB star's abduction

Michal Herba, 37, was arrested after Chloe claimed she was abducted when she arrived in Milan for a modelling job in 2017.

But the Polish man has consistently denied the claims against him, saying the 21-year-old had enlisted him in the plot to help boost her profile.

The Mirror today reported that Herba's lawyers want to quiz Chloe's friend Megan to find out if the pair discussed how to create a celebrity scandal.

Simone Zancani said: "We want to ask Megan if Chloe spoke about ­creating a scandal to get inside Celebrity Big Brother."

Other witnesses that could be questioned during Herba's trial – set down for November 19 – include the model's former agent Dave Read and ex magazine publisher Paul Baxendale-Walker.

Chloe has known Megan for since the time the pair worked together on Sixty6 magazine.

And the Love Island star previously spoke out in support of her pal as she headed into Celebrity Big Brother.

At the time, Megan said: "Chloe is a lovely girl but also quite a shy person.

"It takes her a minute to come out of her shell so I hope that she stays on the show long enough for the public to see the real her."

And Chloe likewise complimented Megan, once saying: "She’s one of the best looking girls in there."

Chloe told cops she was drugged, handcuffed and stuffed in a suitcase while being held captive for six days in Italy.

In a personal account, Chloe said she was grabbed by two men – one masked – and told she was for sale.

Herba’s brother Lukasz, 31, was jailed for nearly 17 years in June following a kidnap trial in Milan.

Chloe was not questioned during proceedings.

Herba had claimed she wanted to raise her profile because she wanted more followers on her paid-for profile which had “spicy photographs” for cash.

He said they met on Facebook and planned the “kidnap” together because she told him she was strapped for cash.

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