Church of England turns to flamboyant preachers like Rev Michael Curry

Church of England turns to flamboyant preachers like Harry and Meghan’s Rev Michael Curry to liven up services

  • Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby praised the passion of Curry’s sermon 
  • Church of England thinks adopting his style could boost dwindling attendance 
  • It would mean changing canon law to reach out to more diverse communities  

The Archbishop of Canterbury hopes to rejuvenate the Church of England by taking inspiration from the evangelical style displayed at Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle.

The Most Rev Michael Curry heads the Anglican church in the US and was praised by the CofE leader for his energetic preaching. 

Justin Welby said Curry blew the place open during his service at Windsor Castle with a delivery akin to the Pentecostal churches gaining traction in the UK.

Bishop Michael Curry’s passionate 14-minute address entitled ‘The Power of Love’ (pictured) was the most tweeted about moment of Meghan and Harry’s big day

Pentecostal services are defined by charisma and often include dancing, upbeat songs with live bands and clapping, something The Times reports could be emulated in the established church. 

The African-American’s delivery inspire the CofE to reach out to British churches in black communities already practising the evangelical style of preaching. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle listen as US Bishop Michael Curry addresses the congregation at their wedding  


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The institution will change its rules in order to allow independent pastors to bring their charisma to the church’s pulpits. It is a move the General Synod is expected to approve next month.  

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s ecumenical adviser, Rev Dr Will Adam, says the church was inspired by hearing Bishop Curry preach ‘with passion and without reserve’ in a way that made the nation sit up and listen.

Justin Welby (pictured) hopes his church will be rejuvenated by a more energetic style of preaching to tackle a drop in numbers 

He added that forging closer relationships with the country’s most dynamic churches could bring new life to the church.

Jamaican-born Pentecostal bishop at Church of God of Prophecy Dr Joe Aldrer welcomed the plans and said the CofE ‘needs livening up’.  

Current canon law means the church can only form official links with churches rooted in national institutions, including the Roman Catholic and Methodist denominations. 



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